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The most beautiful wine cellar fixtures

Long gone are the days of dark, dusty wine cellars with walls blackened by humidity. Like art collectors, amateur oenologists imagine and design settings that make their wine bottles the masterpieces of their interior design. So much so that some of the facilities rival the great restaurants and other Parisian palaces.

From the modern wine cellar to compact underground wine cellars or wine walls, discover with us the most ingenious and aesthetic made-to-measure wine cellars that we have found on the web.

Compact underground wine cellars

Imagine yourself in your sitting room with friends, thinking about the bottles you’re going to open for dinner. With these, there is no need to spend hours trying to choose an electric wine cellar. Instead of going down into a freezing garage in the middle of winter, simply lift a small hatch and go down a few steps to reach the holy grail: your custom-built underground wine cellar!

Even better, an ingenious French installer (Polycave) has made a wine cellar that comes out of your floor in “bar” mode! Thanks to this very clever and design-led cellar, the bottles come to you! To our great delight, France can count on two specialists in this field. Here are their achievements:


Underground round wine cellar by Helicave

Underground round wine cellar by Spiral Cellars (UK)

The contemporary version of the wine cellar

While some private individuals outdo each other in inventiveness on how to install a wine cellar under their staircase, the owners of exceptional residences in Courchevel or private mansions in Paris imagine some truly grand designs.

The following cellars deserve all the superlatives. Between the price of the bottles and the cost of the installation, these wealthy owners did not spare any expense. But at this price, the “Wow” effect is guaranteed. Let us take you on a journey through the bespoke cellars of the world’s most prestigious homes. For an exceptional wine, an exceptional cellar!

Basement villa cellar by Cavilux

Wine cabinet by CellarMaison

The “wine showcase” cellar

Have you ever dreamed of gazing at your cellar from your spa or while playing the piano in your state room? They did. These “Wine Walls” are distinctive for being very luminous, airy and allowing the storage of a maximum number of bottles in a reduced space. They truly enhance the rooms in which they are installed. But the best thing is to see for yourself.

Wine wall with steel wire shelves by Wines Cellar (UK)

Wine wall in a billiard room by Cellar Maison

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