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Our Spirits

The classics...

The classics...

Single-malt whiskies, Cognac Grand Champagne, vintage Armagnac: all our spirits are carefully selected for their high quality, rarity and market value.



We keep a close watch on market trends, for example the increasing interest in quality rum and gin, as well as the huge demand for Japanese whiskies.

Quality & Provenance

Quality & Provenance

Just like with our fine wines, we are very careful when buying expensive spirits when it comes to questions about provenance, storage and packaging. All our bottles are meticulously checked by our logistics team on receipt at the warehouse, and photos are available for all the premium bottles.


Our selection

Filips Wine carries a broad range of high-end spirits with a strong focus on single-malt whiskies. Famous whiskies of world renown such as Macallan, Port Ellen, Nikka, Karuizawa, Yamazaki are carefully selected by our buyers, giving our discerning clients the opportunity to buy extremely limited and rare releases.

Discover our full range of spirits celebrating the best whiskies from Scotland and Japan and not forgetting the prestigious old Cognacs and Armagnacs from south-west France.

Trading in great wines

Our goal is to track down the most sought-after wines and offer them to our customers at the best possible prices.

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We will send you a quote at best market prices, quickly and free of charge.

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