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You’re a Producer

Selling vintage ageing wine

Whether it be selling wines en primeur, the latest bottled vintage or a selection of mature vintages ageing in your cellars, Filips Wine is the ideal partner if you are looking to reach a high-end clientele. We would be delighted to come and taste your wines and explore ways of working together.

Our Savoir-Faire

Our Savoir-Faire

With more than fifteen years of experience in the fine wine trade selling to a mix of deeply knowledgeable and discerning clients, Filips Wine can help you reach your desired client group.

A quality partnership

A quality partnership

Our goal is to play a key role in your distribution network, in total compliance with your resale aspirations. We work with our suppliers with total transparency, and believe that trust is a key element to a sustainable, long-term relationship.

An ideal showcase

An ideal showcase

With nearly 60,000 bottles and more than 500 references available at all times in our warehouse, we are an ideal intermediary between the producer and the market place. Whether the wines are destined for the most savvy collectors, or for wine shops looking to expand their fine wine range, or restaurants in need of ready for drinking older vintages, we will play the role of the loyal and effective middleman.



Our healthy financial situation and good rating with the “Banque de France” allows suppliers to obtain easy insurance cover if necessary and be secure in the knowledge of always being paid promptly for all orders.


Grow your visibility and reputation on the market

Global interest in French fine wines continues to grow year by year. From the prestigious châteaux of Bordeaux, to the mythical appellations of Burgundy, as well as the iconic brands from Champagne, this rich French wine heritage is the envy of the world! That’s not all…..let’s not forget the great vineyards growing on the steep banks of the Rhône Valley, the innumerable treasures along the Loire, and the exciting discoveries emanating from the Jura and the South of France. The country possesses an exceptional wealth and diversity of terroirs and appellations that shine brightly on the international scene.

Local and international knowledge

Our sales team is made up of three experts, including the Sales Director, who travel around the world regularly to visit clients, taste wines with them and discuss their needs.

France is also a key market for Filips Wine, with turnover and number of clients increasing constantly over the years. Two sales experts look after this market.

A multilingual assistant (who speaks five languages!) completes this efficient, enthusiastic team.

An experienced, knowledgeable buyer

Since arriving in the company in 2012, our buyer has helped to improve and grow Filips Wine’s portfolio of estates and strengthen these long-term partnerships. Our selection gives a good overview of all the top wines from France and the rest of the world, with a special focus on the wines of Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. Must-have estates are listed alongside other lesser-known names, wines from estates which we believe in and with which we’re immensely proud to be working with.

Our constant search for new discoveries and to develop a broader and more diversified catalogue led us to open in 2015 le Vingt-Deux (

Purchasing and sales

Our purchasing and sales departments work closely together allowing us to respond quickly and precisely to our customers’ needs. The daily exchanges between the buyers and the sales staff is one of our strengths and at the heart of our purchasing strategy.

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