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Trading in great wines

Our goal is to find the most sought-after wines and offer them to our clients at the most competitive prices


Our Business, New World and French Wine broker.

We’re located in Ile-de-France, not far from the wine-growing regions where some of the greatest French wines are produced. Whilst we endeavour to buy as much as possible directly from the estates, we’ve also developed a vast network of secondary suppliers: merchants like ourselves, independent distributors, agents, as well as private individuals.

This extensive network enables us to respond quickly and effectively to all types of requests, whether they concern the most sought-after estates, like Petrus, Romanée Conti, Rousseau, Coche-Dury, Raveneau, Rayas… or various birth year vintages.

Our pricing policy is to be as competitive as possible in relation to market prices. We review our prices regularly, thus allowing our trade clients to broke from our price list or buy for stock directly.

Our Values & Strengths

Our rich diverse selection of fine wines and our competitive prices do not tell the whole story. Our company values are what also sets us apart.



For us, wine cannot be viewed merely as a financial investment, like a stock-market share whose value goes up and down. It’s a unique product and a fascinating industry where we strive through our passion and commitment to excel and at the same time respect this noble product. It’s with this in mind and thanks to lots of hard work that the project Le Vingt-Deux was born in 2015. Today, Le Vingt-Deux is a unique and multi-faceted place which combines a wine shop, a wine bar, a wine school as well as an e-commerce site. (


The fine wine business is a dynamic market, where supply and demand can vary suddenly and sometimes unpredictably. One of our strengths is the ability to react quickly, a key advantage which enables us to respond effectively and promptly to client requests. We spend lots of time trying to find out the needs of our clients, discuss regularly with our suppliers, analyse the trends in the market and try to anticipate future demands as best we can.


Customer Service

The fine wine market is extremely competitive, with new actors coming into the market on a regular basis and others leaving the scene. Given this context, it is important to stand out, and we are convinced that reliable, efficient and reactive customer service is just as important to our clients as our ability to source the finest wines. All our client orders are processed as quickly as possible and prepared by our logistics team with the greatest of care. We can provide delivery quotes, on request, for most destinations and we will make sure that all orders are securely packed on shrink-wrapped pallets and protected with guarantee strips when leaving the warehouse.

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Over 60,000 bottles kept at our warehouse in perfect storage conditions